jamming to some Aphex Twin- a consistent source of inspiration..


Working out some ideas.. pt. 7


drums against hate



I found this strip of metal and attached it to a music stand for a different texture. Thanks to the talented @sharonalagna for helping with the shot!


Working out some ideas.. pt. 5


This started out as a drum video but ended up being a bit more produced.. hope you enjoy ;}


I'm excited to share this collaboration with Sharon Alagna!! She created the captivating visuals and I made the accompanying music.


Working out some ideas.. pt.3


drawing inspiration from the minimal rhythms on this track.. 

sourced track: POOLBOY92 - Lick (SPF666 remix)


Working out some ideas.. pt. 2
(recorded with a Zoom H1 handy recorder).


Beautiful video made by Leron Thomas for 'The Ascent of Rose.'  Music by Malik Crumpler/Max Tucker of Weird Happyness feat. Leron Thomas.


playing in the psychoacoustic space
-video shot by the talented Sharon Alagna


Working out some ideas..


Lately I've been into the sound of this travel mug.. finally combining my love of coffee and drumming. Shot by Sharon Alagna


Hey everyone!! Today I share with you a new track consisting entirely of DRUMS. It's the product of my growing fascination with the idea of combining acoustic drumming with electronic sounds/effects. Take a listen below or download at SoundCloud.



I have a new EP coming out on my own record label, MOJIK.  Watch the teaser video below courtesy of MIL management!!!



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